Cantu and Gyrl Wonder Shape The Next Generation of Black and Latina Female Leaders Together.

Cantu Beauty and Gyrl Wonder team up to help young women of color build resilience, self-confidence and mental wellness as they embark on the next phase of their personal and professional journeys.


Cantu Beauty is committed to supporting Black and Latina communities by nurturing the next generation of female leaders. Through multifaceted programming addressing self-care and holistic wellness, Gyrl Wonder provides a platform for young women of color to navigate the competitive workforce while learning work-life balance early-on in their careers.


At Cantu Beauty, we believe in elevating our communities holistically. Our young women are the future, and each generation should run faster than the previous. Cantu Beauty strives to make a positive difference in Gyrl Wonder’s mentees’ mind, body and soul.


Naturally, the program kicks off Saturday, July 24 on International Self-Care Day with a conversation between Cantu Beauty’s Melissa Carnegie, Head of Global Communications and Community, and Gyrl Wonder founder Tola Lawal. The duo will host an Instagram Live on @CantuBeauty at 3:00pm EST inviting Gyrl Wonder mentees and the #CantuCrew community to participate in a discussion on all things self-care. The Instagram conversation is the first of a series of programming designed specifically for Gyrl Wonder mentees. In August, Cantu will host a series of virtual workshops for National Wellness Month to promote positive energy for the mind, body and soul. Then, Cantu and Gyrl Wonder will convene more than 100 girls for an Emotional Wellness Summit in October. 


You can care for your curls and make a positive difference in the young women’s lives by purchasing any Cantu product at Walmart stores nationwide.. A portion of proceeds will benefit Gyrl Wonder.


Follow Gyrl Wonder on Instagram or Facebook. Additionally, stay connected with Cantu Beauty on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The Story of Cantu

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