Biotin-Infused Collection Strengthening Hair & Scalp Oil


Promote healthy hair growth with a nutritious, biotin-powered formula when you use Cantu Biotin-Infused Strengthening Hair & Scalp Oil. Dense with ingredients such as tea tree, peppermint, and avocado, your scalp will feel healthy and rejuvenated with every use. Our oil-based formula is lightweight enough not to cause greasiness. Biotin, essential oils, menthol & benzyl nicotinate are powerful ingredients used to help promote healthy hair growth and provide results you can see AND FEEL! Use it daily or as a more intense scalp treatment. For scalp treatment, cover with processing cap and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. We crafted this formula using 99% naturally derived ingredients for a formula you can feel truly confident about using. Because this formula is highly effective, it’s important for each user to conduct a patch test for an allergic reaction before use, especially if you have known sensitivities to any of the ingredients used. If any redness, bumps, or itchiness develop, do not use.

  • BIOTIN-INFUSED GROWTH: concentrated formula that helps to promote healthy hair growth for results you can see AND FEEL!
  • NUTRIENT-DENSE: formulated with moisture-sealing tea tree, peppermint, avocado & other essential oils; menthol & benzyl nicotinate provide a gentle, yet effective tingle.
  • NON-GREASY FORMULA: adds shine while being lightweight and non-greasy.
  • SOOTHES DRY SCALP: oil adds much-needed moisture to dry scalp.
  • STRENGTHENING PROPERTIES: works to strengthen and add shine to each strand.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: use daily or as a scalp treatment.
  • 99% NATURAL: consists of 99% naturally derived ingredients.
  • SMALL, BUT MIGHTY: patch test before use; a little goes a long way!

The Story of Cantu

So, you did it. You made the liberating decision to embrace your natural hair and boldly own your unique style. Today, that style could be a beautiful fro. Tomorrow, intricate braids. Whether you’re rocking coils, curls, waves, or straight tresses, Cantu’s here, and we’re designing products specifically with you and your hair’s versatility in mind. Our collection of award-winning products is inspired by your beautifully textured hair in order to help you achieve any look you desire. That’s right—we keep your straight strands soft and lustrous and your curls conditioned and defined, and our special formula helps achieve everything from cutting-edge looks to classic styles.

It’s our mission to celebrate you in all your glory. Your hair, your skin, your light, and your beauty are all uniquely you. Own it. Love it. Live it.

My Curl. My Cantu.

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